Jiading Culture|Culture Centre, Library, Museum


As one of the key projects in Jiading district among the 12th Five Year Plan, the new center is an architectural complex of traditional Jiangnan courtyard style buildings. The combination of traditional grey tiles and fashionable glass curtain walls reveals elegant humanistic temperament. The unique design with originality lets each functional area independent while also connected with each other. The total construction area reached 10018 square meters. And it has been awarded the title of first-class cultural center by the national ministry of culture in both 2008 and 2012.


Establish the concept of a cultural community, while blending in the thought of Heaven-Earth-Man from Chinese traditional culture, and combine with the special graphic symbol “bamboo” of Jiading, to create a brand concept of this unique regional cultural group.

Signage system is one of the ways consumers perceive the brand idea in space, where people can be guided to the destination easily and the same time experience the brand story.


16, Lane 76, Wuyuan Road, Shanghai, China. 200031

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