Song Art


An art space with an international perspective and international standards, located on the Wenyu River in Shunyi District, Beijing, officially opened in September 2017.

Based on personal collection, Song Art Museum is committed to the dissemination and popularization of high-quality art exhibitions, in-depth academic research and public aesthetic education. As a unique cultural landmark in Beijing, “Song” Art Museum welcomes every art lover with a sincere and open heart.


Simple and powerful lines, highlighting the beauty of its architectural geometric structure;
Colorless colors run through its pure white art space;
Integrate the clean lines of the building and the pure and stern spirit of “pine” into the text;
Abandon distracting thoughts, return to nature, and open up a pure land for art.


16, Lane 76, Wuyuan Road, Shanghai, China. 200031

+86 21 6225 6089 Ext. 801, 807