Brand Personality

ZOMBICAT – G.D. French design team, in 2005, the team in France developed homemade products. This product design concept for office toys, office workers or family in the community where students can increase the interactive toys, so that “doll” is no longer a personal collection of decorations, we can create emotional interactive games. Each toy has a hollow head with unique stuff, with the introduction, it has more interactive creative trend.

G.D法国设计团队ZOMBICAT,于2005年在法国所开发的自制产品, 产品的设计概念为办公室玩具, 让上班族或是学生族在团体场合中可以增加互动的玩具, 让”公仔”不再是个人的收藏摆饰, 而是能制造情感互动游戏的摆饰, 每个公仔头部中空部位都有独特的玩意, 配合产品包装底盒张开后的地图, 让互动有创意更潮流 。