Brand Personality

The products are mainly for women who is 30 over the age of elegant intellectual, the design task is to create a gorgeous, elegant and concise refreshing perfume bottle. We has the shape which is never been used of in women perfume, and made Yves Saint Laurent embossed font to be placed through the body side. With the light transmittance of glass and the refraction of relief , the perfume bottle has gorgeous and clean, shining and restrained visual sense.

本产品主要针对30岁以上知性典雅的女性市场, 设计任务是创造一款华丽典雅又简洁清爽的香水瓶, 设计师在造型上使用了女性香水中从未有过的简洁方正造型, 巧妙的将圣罗兰字体设计成透体浮雕放置于瓶身侧面, 利用玻璃的透光度与浮雕的光县折射让这款香水瓶同时兼具华丽与简洁, 闪耀与内敛的视觉感。