Businesslike, high quality, strong recognition, unique characteristic



Brand Idea

Starway’s visual identity symbolizes Support and Success.

Starway’s brand must be ambitious, aspirational and concise. Our idea was to put customers on the way of the stars, to put them in the center of movements. Graphically speaking, we designed a kind of kinetic focused lines that evokes an infinite space opening. Simple and powerful.

星星与旅程是”星程酒店”名称现有的造型限制, 设计团队以旅客在道路前行的速度感为概念, 将其转化为图形, 同时结合星星发光的特质, 呈现向前移动收缩并向外放射的商标图腾, 并含有”在星程, 发现专属于你的独有风景”的蕴意 。