Brand Idea

The LOGO to VI, packaging design, product design, the design team combines Chinese traditional crafts and visual connotations with Western aesthetics and clever integration business model. We successfully found a footnote in contemporary Chinese style design. Shile clubs has its spiritual connotation of self-cultivation and the Southern Song Dynasty art culture-based, we extend visual according this two points, and create a corporate image of the club logo in the end of this case.

由LOGO到VI, 包装设计, 产品设计, 设计团队融合了中国传统视觉工艺与内涵并与西方美学与商业经营模式巧妙接轨, 成功为设计的当代中国风找到注脚 。 十乐会所的精神内涵以养身及南宋的艺术文化底蕴为基础, 因此在视觉创意上也是以这2点为依归来延伸,最后创造出十乐会所的企业形象标识。