Create a top business platform including Home, Art and Kitchen.

打造一个Home 、Art 、Kitchen三位一体的顶级商务平台。


Brand Personality

An urban oasis, an aesthetic life…

In the hectic concrete jungle, Shaks creates an urban oasis for their customers, proposes an escape from the busy city. Here, you can slow down your pace, breathe freely and relax your mood. And nourish your senses and mind with the unique culture and aesthetics. Surrounded by the green, art , tasty food and special design, “this is the life.” you may sigh softly.

城市绿洲   美学生活

紧张忙碌的钢筋水泥丛林里 ,夏池为您打造了一个城市绿洲,闹中取静让你歇下脚步,深深呼吸,好好放松,奉上文化与美学的养分,滋养五感与心灵,在绿意、艺术、美食、设计的环绕之下,你会感叹,这,才是生活!