Create an original female SPA brand that focuses on originality.



Brand Idea

LA FINN SPA, a brand that not only concerns women but also focuses on their spiritual growth.

Open the door to your beauty, both physical and  mental. In  regards to marketing strategies and designs, we based them on women’s desire for beauty. It is also combined with the French medical beauty and sensory aesthetics, to built a SPA brand that has a friendly feeling yet remains high-end.

LA FINN 悦 SPA,一个关心、爱护并注重心灵成长的女性SPA连锁品牌。

打开你的美丽之门, 不只有外在的美丽, 更注重开启美丽的心灵。 品牌中心精神来自:《开启的动态形象》与《女性对美丽的渴望》。结合市场策略与设计,加上法国医疗美容、法式五感美学,  打造一个让女人分享美丽容貌与心灵的亲和高端SPA品牌。