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Brand Personality

The slogan of Ji hotel is “love yourself  live JI” ,“ji” is also “oneself” in Chinese pinyin, making use of this commonality with the brand slogan and also the connect with JI hotel, during the thinking of the form, we made a clever link “π” infinite loop symbol and “Ji”, with the text “season” and a circle frame, then resulted LOGO totem, while cover the meaning Infinite loop inclusive of all seasons.

全季酒店 / Ji Hotel的品牌标语为”爱自己 住全季”,中文罗马拼音的”Ji”也是”己”的拼音,利用这个共性制造品牌标语与全季的联结, 设计团队在造型发想的过程中将”π”无限循环的符号与”Ji”巧妙连结,配合中文字”季”与圆圈外框,产生中英文双LOGO图腾,同时将所有的季节(全季)的无限循环包容的意含涵盖其中。