Hotel brand image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With this base, how to improve recognition and complete optimization was the challenge of Garlic Design.

在市场上,酒店的原品牌印象已深入人心, 如何能在延续原品牌印象的基础下,提高识别度并完成优化是我们的任务。


Brand Idea

Brand tagline is “Your home on the journey”.

After market research, we first optimized the style of Han Dynasty’s horse,  then retained and simplified the color scheme: red & blue. These two iconic elements are the foundations  of the brand. We added the semicircle arc which evokes the horizon, making the whole imagery more intense.

We redesigned the Chinese characters with a style evoking the Han style. Some note of lightness and a contemporary style makes brand recognition easier.

人在旅途, 家在汉庭。

设计团队在市场调研后,保留了原品牌两个重要元素:《汉代马匹的图形风格》及《红蓝双色》,将此品牌基石進行优化后,再调整原来的汉堡形状外框, 新增了代表地平线的半圆弧度, 产生了”在天地方圆之中,找到您的汉庭”寓意。

在中英文字体的设计上, 以汉代文字风格为基础,巧妙结合图形, 让汉文化视觉风格当代化, 兼具提高了品牌识别度及印象。