Build a luxury household brand which can meet the demand of regional markets.



Brand Idea

For D. international could be summed up by the research for luxury home lifestyle. To achieve that, the four Ds need to be achieved: Delight (full sensory pleasure), Desire (high grade desire), Design (handed down classic design) and Detail (perfectly fine detail).

福邸国际 For D. ,就是为了实现奢华家居生活的四个D: Delight(感官的全面愉悦),Desire (品位的高度渴望),Design(传世的经典设计),Detail(精致的完美细节) 。福邸国际所精心引进的家具品牌,不但有高度保值功能与收藏价值,也达到了生活质感的最高满足,提供由内而外全面奢华的最高境界。