Brand Personality

Package design and planning, including corporate identity system planning, visual settings, packaging design, product design. The first brand in Taiwan styling salon industry – EROS – opened in Taiwan for 15 years. in 2005, EROS opened a flagship store of 3,000 square meters in eastern Taipei, Garlic Design re-planning to build a new brand image for it, from Logo to packaging design, has been covering the gifts and LOGO decorative in space applications.

整套设计规划,包含企业形象标识系统规划、视觉设定、包装设计、产品设计。 台湾造型沙龙界第一品牌EROS在台开业15年, 于2005年在台北东区开设3000平米旗舰店, 由G.D.为其重新规划打造全新的品牌形象,从Logo到包装设计,一直涵盖到礼品设计及LOGO的空间应用装饰设计。