To define a clear brand imagery while maintaining flexibility.



Brand Idea

The slogan of DAPHNE is “Women in Bloom”, which comes from “love”, the core spirit  of the brand. Women  own love, they share love, and are radiant with love. From here, the story starts.

品牌的宣传口号 “Women in Bloom / 我们在绽放” 是由“爱”这个中心精神而来,女人掌握爱、分享爱、绽放属于女人的爱,品牌故事由此展开。

To extend the main idea, we used the well-known girl’s group S.H.E. from Taiwan to tell the whole story. The stories of S.H.E. matched with the “blooming” theme.

结合代言人S.H.E的形象来制造 “勇气绽放(Selina)、美丽绽放(Hebe)、幸福绽放(Ella)”的品牌形象故事。