Besides meeting the three brand attributes “affinity, multiple choice, charming & generous”  Our challenge was how to make the brand vibrant and inclusive, with room for expansion.

除了满足“真挚的/具有亲和力的,多选择的,迷人大方的” 的三个属性之外,如何将它打造成为充满活力与包容、扩充力十足的品牌是我们挑战的任务


Brand Idea

Daphne Young – discover the secrets of a happy life through travel. We make the travels like life, so that you can travel with joy. Be a Traveler, Live Young.

Daphne Young 发现旅行是快乐年轻的秘诀,于是我们把旅行变成生活,让妳在生活中快乐旅行,愉悦青春之旅,Live Young。