Create a pet brand full of love, turn the love of pets into force and cooperate with the professional pet products company all over the world, to give the pets the biggest joy.



Brand Idea

Coucou Pet Store is a cutting-edge shop with unique taste and rich knowledge about pets. It takes away all your tedious workwith pets. Coucou not only provides pet services but also creates the common happiness for you and your pets. You can enjoy everything in life here, sharing food, shopping, dress up and play together…Sharing , makes  life more enjoyable.

Coucou宠物星球是一个品味独到、知识丰富的宠物品牌,帮你做好一切有关宠物的功课,在这里,幸福就是要在一起: Coucou不是只为宠物服务,而是要提供主人跟宠物共同的幸福,让主人跟宠物一起享受美食、购物、打扮、游玩等生活中的一切,因为分享,让幸福加倍。