Date : 2009

Brand Personality:

In the era of popular fast-food culture, designers want to let BONJOUR CAFÉ close to pristine, highlighting its handmade, natural, delicate qualities. In the fresh morning sunlight spilled, the birds chirp, it likes a friend who lives next door, a greeting with “Bonjour”. When we bless each other have a great day, we also awake the good wish of life.

在大众普遍追求快速生产、快速消费的速食文化之下,设计师希望赋予BONJOUR CAFÉ亲近质朴的品牌形象,突出其手工,天然,精致的特质。就像住在隔壁的朋友,在清新的早晨,阳光洒落,鸟语啁啾,一声 Bonjour,祝福彼此有美好的一天的同时,也重新唤起人们对美好食物与生活的向往。